Inspiration Behind SttS Designs

Do you ever have those moments where the light bulb goes off? I know, I know, that no-pun-intended lightbulb moment… Well, a couple of months after living in Costa Rica, I was standing in the supermarket shopping for a postcard when the light bulb started to flicker.  I was on a mission to find a cool postcard to send to the US for my friend’s niece’s school postcard project and all these boring postcards just kept staring back at me. It was honestly painful trying to pick the best one of the bunch and then even more harrowing sending it off via snail mail to the US.

Over the next couple of months, I could not help noticing that these generic-style-mass-produced postcards where everywhere I went and the only ones available.  I was beside myself. In the few short months that I had lived in Costa Rica, I had already witnessed countless magical sunsets, as well as the local wildlife goofing off on a daily basis. As a gal that never leaves home without her camera, I kept finding myself  in these “moments” that made me stop in my tracks and smile…only letting a few seconds pass before I would reach deep into my bottomless surf bag to grab my trusty camera.

Wave Hello

Wave Hello

In awe of the flora and fauna images that I was capturing, sharing these photographs of my daily life via the oh-so-addictive Instagram became a great way to stay in touch with my family and friends that live in far off lands. Although there have been some requests to stop posting my tortuously-beautiful photos, my family and friends still beg for more. Fast forward a couple months later, after witnessing a surf friend complain about how stale the postcards were in Costa Rica, the light bulb fully lit up. I thought to myself, “I have a plethora of these breathtaking photographs. It is time to stop cataloging them on my hard drive and bring them to life. Why not take matters into your own hands and create your own postcards?”


Hang Ten Iguana Style

I have hand selected the best shots from my photographs and then added whimsical quotes to create beautiful and unique keepsakes, all inspired by the beauty of Costa Rica. It is my goal to create and share these unique postcards with y’all. In addition to postcards, I also offer notecards with the same design. These gems are printed on recycled paper and have a beautiful matte finish, perfect for jotting down your note to your loved one. In my opinion, they make not only a great postcard, but a beautiful thank you/just because/thinking of you card…or just a pretty awesome photograph to pin on the wall at your desk! In addition, the notecard not only comes with a beautiful recycled Kraft paper envelope, but also doubles as a postcard; the inside cover of the card is printed with a postcard design. Just cut the card at the fold and re-send the photograph to someone special.

I hope you enjoy these cards as much as I do!

Feel free to follow my adventures and new creations via this blog, my Etsy ShopFacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest (@sambatothesea). If you see any of my photos that you would like to create a custom order with or would like to use another phrase to create your own custom postcard, feel free to message me and we can start working on it!

Pura Vida,