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Check out Samba to the Sea Photography for my portfolio. 

I love how photographs can transport you to another time and place. From a very early age I can remember staring at pictures that my parents took on their worldwide travels and being mesmerized. I could not wait to get my hands on one of my parents’ SLRs. When my mom finally let me use her Nikon, I was ecstatic loading the film for the first time and even more elated seeing my first photographs come to life in front of my eyes in the dark room.

That Nikon SLR instantly became one of my best friends, coming along on every jaunt and worldwide adventure. Gone are the film days, and a digital Nikon SLR is a welcomed addition to best friend status, but my viewpoint when I look through the camera lens is still the same. The world around me is transformed when I look through the viewfinder and in my photographs I try to capture these settings in a unique perspective. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words…