Pure Perfection

My relationship with Ollie started back in March. I could not have asked for a better first date. Like most girls, I was all worried if he would call the next day. It… Continue reading

Short and Sweet

Because it is a Friday afternoon here in Costa Rica…and about 5:30PM on the East Coast as I am typing this…I am going to keep this post short and sweet. Well, also because… Continue reading

The Richer the Experience

Three months ago I tricked myself into going for a run. You see running and I don’t get along so well. But since this route is actually “enjoyable”, off I went. I was… Continue reading

Surfing Ruined My Life

Our daily lives our filled with decisions. Milk or sugar? Skirt, dress or pants? Happy hour or yoga? Sometimes we know what the outcome will be of a decision; yes, I will take… Continue reading

Feijão, Gallo Pinto, English?

Rice and beans. Beans and rice. This nutrient packed dish is a staple in many cultures around the world and it holds a special place in my foodie heart. See, my father was… Continue reading

All Ashore

Growing up, my mom was my alarm clock. She used to shout my name every school day morning promptly at 7:15AM and I would roll out of bed, brush my teeth, wash my… Continue reading

L Squared

Well, it is no secret that I love to take photos. So when my brother asked me to do an engagement shoot with his fiancé, Luciana, I was ecstatic…and a just a wee… Continue reading

365 Days

367 days ago, one of my close friends since childhood presented me with a journal.  However, it is not just a normal journal, but rather a five year memory book where you write… Continue reading

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Going from living in the Big Apple and working a corporate job to dancing with waves in Costa Rica, my daily gear has gone from high heels, pencil skirts, and leather purses to… Continue reading


The past two weeks I have been on the road ping-ponging in California. Last March was my first jaunt out to this beautiful state and since then, every time I visit, I fall… Continue reading

Recipe to a Magical Sunset

Last week, another wedding brought me back to the US. This time it was my cousin and his girlfriend of over NINE years that tied the knot (seriously Jared, you took your time!).… Continue reading

Play Hard, But Don’t Break It

Almost two years ago, I visited Witch’s Rock Surf Camp here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and saw Robert August shape a piece of foam into a surfboard; the vehicle that carried me to… Continue reading

Elfers’ Got Hitched

Costa Rica mesmerized me again with her charming and magical ways. Between my day job of social media for Robert August, my new side project of beautiful Costa Rica postcards, board meetings, sunset research… Continue reading

The Lightbulb Went Pop

Do you ever have those moments where the light bulb goes off? I know, I know, that no-pun-intended lightbulb moment… Well, a couple of months ago I was standing in the supermarket here… Continue reading

Once Upon A Run

Running doesn’t like me and I don’t like running. Ask any of my basketball friends and they will tell you that when it came to running sprints in practice, I tried to run… Continue reading