Sweet Tamarindo

I am often asked what my favorite wave is to surf. Two of my favorite places to surf are Playa Avellana and Ollie’s Point, but there is nothing like rolling out of bed,… Continue reading

Single and Unattached: Coast Thru Life

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space With the air, like I don’t… Continue reading

Escape to Paradise

O.K. all of you Northerners that KEEP getting snowstorm after snowstorm, listen up. Thought it was time to send some warm sunshine and Pura Vida your way with some pictures of paradise. Don’t… Continue reading

Surfing Playa Avellana

Most of my brainstorming for blog posts tend to happen when I am out surfing or doing some other type of physical activity. So it seems fitting that I thought to write about… Continue reading

Liquid Dreams

When you are as frothy as I am, the best birthday present a wahine could ask for are waves. I am talking about head-high+, offshore, barreling waves. I would much rather be surfed-out… Continue reading

Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels

Yesterday I started noticing excerpts posted on Facebook from what I discovered this morning (thanks Ashley) to be a blog post titled “Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels“. The words are beautiful and… Continue reading

Confessions of a Surf Bum

The ocean is in constant flux, and when you spend a lot of time in it you become like a floating bottle with a message inside; you know you’re somewhere, sense you have… Continue reading


Now that I have FINALLY de-thawed from the “Polar Vortex” that engulfed all of the East coast the beginning of January and landed back in sunny Costa Rica I can actually move my… Continue reading

Counting Down

With the time ticking down for the year 2013 I thought I would help the year end with a “bang” of my top ten 2013 moments. A special thanks to my “One Line… Continue reading

Dear Costa Rica

Dear Costa Rica, I am without words but so full of emotion. I woke up this morning full of sorrow. When it usually is sunny and not a cloud in the sky, it… Continue reading

Dear Santa

Some people have vivid memories of when they found out or were told that Santa was not responsible for all of those presents. Being the youngest child, I guess my parents figured that… Continue reading

No Waves, No Problem

Someone has a serious case of writer’s block and that someone may just be me. Almost two weeks and I got nada brainstorming up there in my noggin. ZERO. I blame waves and… Continue reading


Somewhere thousands of miles away it is snowing and someone is bundling up to face the cold weather. I know because Facebook told me so. It also has informed me that my favorite… Continue reading

I <3 Samba to the Sea

There are certain people, moments and activities in your life that mold you and make you a better person. During those oh-so-dreaded teenage years, I was very fortunate to be shepherded by great… Continue reading

Saltwater Therapy

My therapist is the ocean and her office is located wherever waves break . Instead of a sofa, my surfboard is my vehicle for communication. As soon as I make that first drop… Continue reading