Gone Surfing

The surf here is so diverse and every two miles there is another beach with another surf spot. The surf pretty much goes all the way down to Panama .There are waves for all levels, from beginner to advance, from beach breaks, point break, reef, or river mouth. You can definitely surf various spots all in one day. On top of that, the tide changes about 7-10ft, so surfing a certain spot definitely depends on the time of day. You could show up at low tide at a certain beach to find no waves, only for a couple of hours later there to be waves breaking up and down the beach. On top of that, there are the wind conditions. During the summertime (mid-November to April) here in Guanacaste (North-West Costa Rica), the wind usually blows offshore all day. Once rainy season comes, the wind turns onshore during the morning, but if there is a passing rainstorm, the wind will shift to offshore.

Playa Tamarindo



Playa Avellana

Playa Grande

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Potrero Grande (Ollie’s Point)