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200 Hours

What can you accomplish in 200 hours? How about 200 hours in two weeks? Perhaps if you were a doctor, lawyer, or investment banker (cough cough), 100 hour work weeks would be the… Continue reading

Hali Love

Back in March, I volunteered my friend and I to be models for a charity fashion show during Robert August’s annual fundraiser, Surf n Turf. Given that both of us had no modeling… Continue reading

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Going from living in the Big Apple and working a corporate job to dancing with waves in Costa Rica, my daily gear has gone from high heels, pencil skirts, and leather purses to… Continue reading


Since I was a little girl, I have marched to my own tune and felt in my gut that I was going to do something completely different. Part of this is due to… Continue reading

Follow Your Heart

You know the old saying, “Time flies when you are having fun”? Well, I can’t believe that it is May already! Just to think that last year I was sitting in a cubicle… Continue reading

Gem in the Rough

I always tell people that in order to really “find” yourself in such a big city as NYC, you need to find your own niche. After much searching, yoga and surfing became my… Continue reading

Gobble Gobble It’s Thanksgiving!

What a treat! I am making up for going silent for 12 days and dropping another note and posting some cool photos… Well, since it is also Thanksgiving in the good ole USA,… Continue reading

Addicted to Waves

Silence. Not a peep. A whole twelve days without a single post! I admit it, I had “blogger’s block”. But seriously, how could I not have anything to write about when I am… Continue reading


Almost two years ago I was persuaded by my former roomie to attend a yoga class with her.  I was doubtful that I was going to like it and I even went to… Continue reading

Practice Makes Perfect

OK, so by now y’all know that I have an addiction called yoga that I love to talk about (hey, there could be worse things). As I mentioned in my post Down Dog… Continue reading

Summer is a Frame of Mind

Did the summer really fly by that fast? I feel like I was just saying “I can’t believe summer is finally here” yesterday. My summer certainly has been filled with awesome activities with… Continue reading

With A Little Help From My Friends

Happy Monday! I am happy to report that Rockaway is treating me well, although come Mondays I need a day off from my weekends! Since moving in, my weekends have been spent with… Continue reading

Teacher’s Pet

Do you have a certain “spot” that you prefer to setup your yoga mat and practice at your yoga studio? Humans tend to be creatures of habit, and that certain spot three rows… Continue reading

Hell-Raiser to Rock-ette

Wow, two weeks without a post! July has been a really busy and crazy month, but a blast.  So what have I been up to the past couple of weeks?? Let’s see….in addition… Continue reading

My Head is an Animal

I love how music can transport you instantly to another time and memory in your life. All of a sudden Tom Petty’s “Running Down a Dream” comes on the radio, and I am… Continue reading