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Black and White

Color. We live in a world of vibrant color. Our eyes and brain are the amazing processors of breathtaking sunsets and turquoise water.  Interesting enough, color photography has only been available to the… Continue reading

I <3 Mother Nature

Nature. Makes. Me. Happy. A couple of months ago I found a t-shirt here in Tamarindo with this saying on it. Nail hit on the head. Back when I lived in NYC and worked… Continue reading

Going to Nicaragua

Some things in Costa Rica are easy. Easy like where and what time am I going to surf today. Other things not so much. Every ninety days foreigners that enter Costa Rica on… Continue reading

Surfing Potrero Grande

Can you guys keep a secret? You sure? One of my favorite waves so far here in Costa Rica is a spot called Potrero Grande, more commonly known as Ollie’s Point. (Ok, some… Continue reading

Like A Stallion

This past weekend Tamarindo lost a larger than life man. His witty comments, bellowing voice, and that school boy smile…how we will miss that charisma. The deep love and PRIDE for his children.… Continue reading