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Tchau Tchau

They say time flies when you are having fun. Or traveling all over the world. Back in October I completed my two week, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. A couple weeks later I left for… Continue reading


So about 29 years ago my brother was not a very happy camper. He was about to become a big brother, and worse yet, to a little girl. That little girl was me.… Continue reading

Pisco Pisco

Decisions, decisions. Back in August when I was researching fares for my brother’s wedding in Brazil, I had two options. A) Connect through Atlanta, or B) Connect through Lima, Peru. If I had… Continue reading

200 Hours

What can you accomplish in 200 hours? How about 200 hours in two weeks? Perhaps if you were a doctor, lawyer, or investment banker (cough cough), 100 hour work weeks would be the… Continue reading

Trust the Process

“People often have much of what they need to succeed within them: ambition and the will to learn. This will to learn can prompt them to reach out to mentors and networks. They… Continue reading


  Frothy Miss Frothy-pants. Three years after my first wipeout and I am still am in love with this sport. Head over heels enough that I call my home surf break Tamarindo my… Continue reading

Gracias Guapas

One of the benefits of living in a tourist town is the diverse people that Tamarindo attracts. In the year and a half that I have lived here, I have met people from… Continue reading

28 Going On…

“How old are you?” “How old do you think I am?” Well, if you spent any time with me this past week or happen to follow my pictures on Instagram (@sambatothesea), you probably… Continue reading

Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels

Yesterday I started noticing excerpts posted on Facebook from what I discovered this morning (thanks Ashley) to be a blog post titled “Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels“. The words are beautiful and… Continue reading

Confessions of a Surf Bum

The ocean is in constant flux, and when you spend a lot of time in it you become like a floating bottle with a message inside; you know you’re somewhere, sense you have… Continue reading

Counting Down

With the time ticking down for the year 2013 I thought I would help the year end with a “bang” of my top ten 2013 moments. A special thanks to my “One Line… Continue reading


Somewhere thousands of miles away it is snowing and someone is bundling up to face the cold weather. I know because Facebook told me so. It also has informed me that my favorite… Continue reading

Short and Sweet

Because it is a Friday afternoon here in Costa Rica…and about 5:30PM on the East Coast as I am typing this…I am going to keep this post short and sweet. Well, also because… Continue reading

The Richer the Experience

Three months ago I tricked myself into going for a run. You see running and I don’t get along so well. But since this route is actually “enjoyable”, off I went. I was… Continue reading

365 Days

367 days ago, one of my close friends since childhood presented me with a journal.  However, it is not just a normal journal, but rather a five year memory book where you write… Continue reading