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The Long and Short of It

Waves, waves, waves. Over the past couple of months, in conjunction with MI OLA and a little help from Señor Google, I have chatted a lot about waves; how waves are made, wind conditions, where and what direction waves break,… Continue reading

Just Swell

The swell is coming, the swell is coming… Well, technically, waves are always coming, it just depends on when they actually are going to arrive. BUT, waves are actually coming this week…hold on Northern… Continue reading


Over the past couple of months, my inner nerd has been researching and reporting on the science behind waves and surfing for the MI OLA blog.  With the help of Google, I have covered how waves… Continue reading

Point Break

Surfing looks easy. Wait, let me rephrase that. Some people make surfing look easy.  In reality, it is a complex sport, because there are many factors to take into account when you’re riding a… Continue reading

H-OLA Love

H-OLA. Hello? Ola? W-A-V-E-S!!! If you are a frequent peruser of Samba to the Sea, then you most likely have deduced that I am obsessed with A) chasing sunsets, B) standing on my… Continue reading