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Dear Nikon

Dear Nikon, My name is Kristen and I live in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I am a dreamer and a doer. I love to dance with waves {surf}, chase sunsets, stand on my head,… Continue reading

Boat House Apparel

The surfing world can be very small at times. Like one or two degrees of separation small. Enter Becca. She contacted me back in December about her upcoming trip to Tamarindo. It just… Continue reading

Samba With Me

Samba. It is neither just the music nor the dance itself, but a culmination of passion, sexuality, and an innate fervor from deep within. Samba is one’s true self. Since packing up my NYC… Continue reading

Wedding Número Cuatro

What to do when the mother-of-the-groom falls and breaks her arm two hours before the ceremony and is rushed to the hospital for surgery? Have your cousin GoPro the ceremony. Hide your iPhone… Continue reading


So about 29 years ago my brother was not a very happy camper. He was about to become a big brother, and worse yet, to a little girl. That little girl was me.… Continue reading

Pisco Pisco

Decisions, decisions. Back in August when I was researching fares for my brother’s wedding in Brazil, I had two options. A) Connect through Atlanta, or B) Connect through Lima, Peru. If I had… Continue reading

FB Love

I kinda like to tell stories. According to my friends, I have a very special way of telling them. If I were to read between the lines, perhaps they are saying that I shouldn’t… Continue reading

Baby Carver

The last time y’all saw Kristina, she was glowing with her seven month baby bump and little Carver was still baking in the oven. Well Carver could not stay in his mother’s belly… Continue reading

The Beach Bazaar

Rainy season in Costa Rica; Tourist numbers plummet and locals go on one-to-two month vacations. I love it. The Earth comes back to life with lush, green vegetation. The smell and feel of… Continue reading

Photo Shoots, Roadtripping, and Puppies…Oh My!

Rainy season here in Costa Rica means things slow down a little. I guess I didn’t get the memo. Nor did the sunny weather. Thank goodness because doing a photo shoot is not… Continue reading

Melissa & Francis

During the early morning, the lighting in Tamarindo is magical. However, there is a small window before the sun gets too strong and the light loses its glow. So when I suggested to… Continue reading


Three weeks, a road trip in the USA bookended by some Pura Vida, and a lot of editing later it is finally done. Finished. Done. Caput. Over. Finito. Check it out!

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

The last time I spent a week in Costa Rica was the last time I came here on vacation over two years ago. I came back to Pura Vida land last Tuesday and… Continue reading

Baby Bumps

What a week! In between sewing kimonos, doing stock for Samba to the Sea cards, training at jiu jitsu, twitter-floppy blogging for Robert August and Mi Ola, packing for my trip to the… Continue reading

Hali Love

Back in March, I volunteered my friend and I to be models for a charity fashion show during Robert August’s annual fundraiser, Surf n Turf. Given that both of us had no modeling… Continue reading